Batman works from home during Covid-19

We LOVE Batman in this family. He's a hot topic in our house. When my kids aren't copying Batman, they are referring to me as BatMom.  Which I love. Because he's the best. 😂


My oldest child, Gwen has an incredible knack for mimicking voices really well. A couple days ago, we came up with the following skit. I created the scenes inbetween watching conference this weekend. And she recorded the voice before bed. I think she has the best Batman voice.

​​​​​​​I try but I really sound more like a little rock troll from Frozen. 🤣

Hope you enjoy this little skit of Batman working from home during Coronavirus.  We're always coming up with new content. Stories, videos, comics, what have you. We love to joke around and write funny dialougue. 

Be safe and healthy, stay home like Batman.