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This site is run by Erin LaVaux, also known by her pen name and moniker, Tashna. Author of popular children's books Emmalyn and Compassion. MagicStoryLand is filled with free kid friendly ebooks, coloring pages, videos, printables, Minecraft downloads, crafts and much more! 

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It's 2022! What fun we'll have!

Happy New Year and all the new things a new year brings! You're just a bit older, your mind and your height is growing every day!

Bundle up, stay warm, learn new things, read stories, play games, build creations and craft epic stuff! Share time with your sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents or your fluffy / fishy / flighty friends.  We hope you have a wonderful start to the new year and learn lots of amazing things! MagicStoryLand loves all our kiddos!

Free Printable Coloring Pages

Check out our collection of free printable coloring pages for your kiddo(s). Just print and color!

Kid Friendly Videos & Playlists

We love kids and want them to be safe online, which is why we've created and collected safe, fun kid-friendly media.