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This site is run by Erin LaVaux, also known by her pen name and moniker, Tashna. Author of popular children's books Emmalyn and Compassion. MagicStoryLand is filled with free kid friendly ebooks, coloring pages, videos, printables, Minecraft downloads, crafts and much more! 

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It's a NEW YEAR! Happy 2021 MagicStoryLand Fans!


2020 was a tough year, so many changes for kiddos and families. But you MADE IT! Great job!  And now we start a new adventure. What lies ahead for us? Here at MagicStoryLand, we have a lot of exciting things planned from new coloring pages to a new Young Adult section!

Free Printable Coloring Pages

Check out our collection of free printable coloring pages for your kiddo(s). Just print and color!

Kid Friendly Videos & Playlists

We love kids and want them to be safe online, which is why we've created and collected safe, fun kid-friendly media.